Financial incentives for your renewable technology.

Regardless of whether you are generating heat, hot water or electricity from your renewable energy technology, there's a financial incentive available for you. Edge Renewables will ensure that all the renewable technology equipment and systems it installs qualifies for these schemes.

RHI - Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive is the first of its kind; providing money for renewable energy generators. The incentive is a financial support scheme set over 20 years, at present the RHI program is only available to the non-domestic sector. The scheme covers systems that produce heat from eligible purposes;

  • Multiple Domestic
  • Commercial
  • A mix of commercial and domestic

RHPP - Renewable Heat Premium Payment

The RHPP is a one-off payment to individuals that are installing renewable technology within a domestic situation. It is to aid the cost of installation until the RHI is available for domestic customers. This scheme is currently available until March 2014. For a detailed outline of the proposals set out for the domestic RHI please click HERE.

Technologies currently eligible for the RHPP:

  • Solar Thermal Pumps
  • Heat Pumps (Air to Water, Ground Source or Water Source but excluding air to air and exhaust air heat pumps)
  • Biomass Boilers

FIT - Feed in Tariff

Introduced in April 2010, the Feed-in Tariff scheme was created to increase the number of renewable technologies within the UK.  The FiT scheme covers systems producing electricity.

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